The Big Picture Partners leverages strategic innovation in marketing to improve business performance. We work with our clients to change the way marketing problems are approached in the firm, transferring knowledge and skills that enable them to create measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


The Big Picture Partners’s goal is to improve the strategic aptitude of organizations through a variety of training and coaching services.
The Big Picture framework is offered through a series of in-person courses delivered in an open-course format at our offices and at our clients’ sites. Read more
Our team is available to deliver keynote speeches on a variety of topics, from corporate self-esteem to innovation from the core. Read more
We work with management teams in intense multi-day workshops or on a longer-term basis to improve team and individual performance while applying the framework to specific business problems. Read more
Marketing Competency
As experts in organizational learning we have helped a variety of firms design marketing competency models that align to the specific organizational goals of the firm. Read more

What Clients Say

“For Futura Industries there was before Big Picture and there was after Big Picture. Their keen insights into and articulation of what we brought to the market helped us hone and refine our Value Proposition. Additionally, they very accurately assessed and outlined where our strategies needed to change to bring our offering and execution into alignment. We are prospering today—in a basic infrastructure market (aluminum extrusions)—where a high percentage of our customers are flailing terribly. This is due in no small measure to the key services they provided our company. I believe that my company is performing significantly better because of the work we did with them.”
Sue Johnson, President of Futura Industries, Inc.
“The Big Picture framework will challenge the traditional Kotler school of marketing management and become the dominant approach to marketing. We use it now as our standard framework across all of our various marketing teams at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, and across our other Medical Device Divisions.”
Director of Marketing Mastery, Ethicon-Endo Surgery Inc

Latest Videos

Our Youtube channel contains a series of videos on specific framework topics, as well as lecture and keynote speech excerpts.

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Big Picture Pricing

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Client Testimonials

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Developing Corporate Self-Esteem

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